Customer Testimonials

B – 2011

Reliability is Key – Five Stars I would absolutely recommend Ms. Shelley. She’s so responsive, keeps me informed, is trustworthy and knows her stuff or can find out, and she actually cares.


Great attorney, very helpful .Karen was a wonderful help and genuinely seemed to care about my circumstance. Definitely recommended!

Brad 2012

Recently I retained Karen as my attorney to avoid receiving my 2nd DUI within 10 years. Karen worked diligently on my case, successfully motioned to suppress some of the state’s key evidence, treated me with dignity and respect and put my mind at ease through the whole process. The outcome of the case was very …

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Leslie 2018

Ms. Shelley is all about helping the Defendant. She’s done an AMAZING Job so far with my case and ALWAYS CONTACTS ME BACK. I could not be more Pleased with her services. THANK YOU MS. SHELLEY

Ray – 2021

A SAVIOR I was taken by surprise when Karen Shelley decided to represent me Pro Bono in acase I spent over three years trying to defend. After hearing that, the DA decided to dismiss the charges the next day. She was the catalyst that sped up the process. She made a HUGE difference in that courtroom. …

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Selena Y 2021

Great attorney that I retained gets the job done in a professional manner. Ms Shelley stays on top of your case. Loyal and honest , very faithful to me as her client. I will recommend to anyone retain Ms.Karen Shelley

Karen H – 2021

Attorney Shelley succeeded, where others had failed. Since I was not guilty of a crime I was unwilling to plead guilty.Karen kept my case in front of the District Attorney . She was assertive and consistent and my case was dismissed.I’ve enjoyed working with Attorney Shelley. She is knowledgeable, relatable and persistent. She kept me …

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Jose M 2021

I was very grateful to have met her. Karen is very attentive, always available and fast to reply at any concerns you might have. Very simple to work with her, hassle free experience. She has a great since of humor, very easy to get along with. Would strongly suggest Karen as your lawyer

Ireland M 2021

She was very professional, kind, supportive and extremely intelligent. couldn’t have had a better lawyer!

Robert B 2021

“I had so much anxiety and Karen put my fears to rest. She handled everything while keeping me updated throughout the process. She also worked very well with the court officials which helped to expedite the process and eventually lead to a dismissal of the charges leaving my record squeaky clean. Writing this review is …

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