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Many misdemeanors and certain felonies qualify for restricting and sealing. If you have been denied access to housing, employment, education or government benefits simply because of a mistake from your past please give us a call. We are excited to help you!

Your record may have several or just one charge on it.

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Your record may have several or just one charge on it. The first thing Attorney Karen Shelley does is request the GCIC “official record” and determine what charges are eligible to be restricted and sealed. Each person’s record may require just one or a combination of the following services:

The Process

Obtain The Record

The first thing we do is obtain a copy of your criminal record, there’s no better place to start but the beginning. Our team will analyze your record and let you know what can be erased.

Analyze The Record

Many convictions, arrests, dismissals and “dead dockets” can be wiped away. Even though cases were “dismissed” or “nolle prosed” or “first offender” in court, the arrest and charges could still be showing up on your record.

Clean The Record

Georgia Law now provides for felonies and misdemeanor convictions to be restricted and sealed (formerly known as expunged). There are several methods available depending on each person’s individual criminal history.

How Do I Clean My Georgia Criminal Record?

Here's What to Do Now

That’s a common question, and we are here to help you understand. The database of criminal records is called the “GCIC” and is maintained by Georgia Bureau of Investigations. That’s where any fingerprintable arrests and conviction records are housed.

STEP 1 Restriction

A Georgia criminal record is also available within of Georgia’s County Clerk’s Offices in which a person had a case(s). Private background companies typically use the clerk’s offices to pull your data along with the GCIC information.

STEP 2 Sealing

To make sure that neither the GCIC or the Clerk’s office is allowing access to your record, the arrests, convictions, dismissals, felonies and misdemeanors need to be RESTRICTED and SEALED. This used to be called “expungement”.

Even though access to your GCIC may have been restricted, private background check companies pull information from the court records. The court records need to be sealed, which is an additional step.

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